Alberto Seveso的新锐插画

      BOO平面 2009-7-22 10:43

You may have seen Alberto Seveso’s work around the web but didn’t know who the author was. Well, this peel effect that he’s using over and over became his ‘mark’, fingerprint or however you want to call it. I don’t know if he is the first who did this but he surely does it well.

阿尔贝托塞维索是意大利插图/平面设计师,你可能很早就看过他的作品,不过并不知道他是谁,但艺术没有国界,他以自己独特的艺术表现手法,在每个作品上都深深的烙上了他的名子,人物身体的剥离,花纹的填充, 极其华丽而诡媚,是BOOBOO自己很喜欢的风格,欲罢不能!


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